Jillian M Rock is a multidisciplinary artist whose ongoing work utilizes documentary photography and printmaking to explore issues surrounding the transition of life to death, addiction and homelessness.  While her current work bears witness to the Black experience through both written and photo essays with a primary focus on ensuring Black stories are living and breathing in the archives.

Rock is a teaching artist, an active member of the LAND Collective, on faculty at Studio Montclair and serves on the Board of Directors for the Newark Print Shop.


She resides in Newark with her two daughters.



My current work focuses on bridging community and self-actualization through connecting the past with present conflicts and joy.  I am inspired by making connections between different mediums of art. My hope is that these connections however visual become tangible to the viewer.  It is important that my work speaks both to and represents the voices that are too often not heard and spoken over.  The voices of the communities that I occupy in both space and spirit.  The voices of the people.

My people.